Downloading Rummy Game Gives You Great Reward Points

The number of people downloading Rummy gaming apps is increasing over the years due to the amazing benefits that it provides. There are multiple benefits that are attached to rummy game download such as availability of various Rummy variants, the option to play anytime and anywhere, and likewise. However, the main reason why people opt for playing Rummy on an app rather than a website is that apps provide its users with lucrative reward points that they can use to play cash games in the future. These reward points can be earned by the players either by playing specific games or by simply taking part in lucky draws and likewise activities.

Reward points scheme on Rummy app


  • Online Rummy portals have their own Rewards Club which is free of cost reward scheme that provides the players with additional benefits when they play real Rummy cash games. Enrollment to reward club programs is automatic and free when the player makes their first deposit or plays cash games. Players can redeem the points for exciting cash prizes or bonuses such as movie tickets, birthday goodies, lucky draws, dream vacations, electronics, and likewise.

  • As players accumulate more points, they can climb up the Loyalty Tiers. Players who are at higher tiers get to have the opportunity to enjoy even more benefits and earn points faster. For instance, if there are four tires namely Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Black, the Black River would be the highest tier that a player can achieve. A player who achieves Black Tier qualifies for the best benefits as well as the highest value. Players automatically start from the Silver Tier which is the lowest tier.

  • Players at this tier might earn as much as five points for every ten rupees of rake contributed by them as well as the tournament entry fees that they pay. As players move towards the higher loyalty tier, they are rewarded with more loyalty points compared to the previous one. Hence, the best way to earn more points is by playing real cash Rummy games. The more the players play, the more they earn.

  • Players can easily put a check on their loyalty tiers as well as the reward points that they have earned through the Rummy app that they download. In the app, there is a section called My Account. Over there, the player can check out the details of their current loyalty level. Apart from that, they can also look for various other related details like total reward points, expiry date, tier entry, and rewards points needed for entering the next level, and likewise.


Hence, rummy game download can be extremely beneficial for players as they get to enjoy benefits while playing Rummy as well as outside the Rummy world too. Players can go for a free rummy game download on the Rummy website which most loved by the rummy enthusiasts. For more information, check out the rummy website portal right away.

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